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Hand dryer noise is an important aspect for many people when deciding which hand dryer to purchase.  A general rule of thumb: the faster the hand dryer, the louder it is.  This is a cruel trade-off to getting a better, faster, more energy-efficient hand dryer.  For many people, the noise does not bother them and indeed in a sports setting and many bars and restaurants, restroom noise does not matter.  For others, if the restroom is adjacent to a classroom or office, for example, the noise level is a major factor. All of the hand dryers in this category are either quiet or can be made quiet by an adjustable motor. We carry Dyson, Bradley, Bobrick, and Excel quiet hand dryers. XLERATOR (any series) has a built-in adjustable motor to control sound and speed.  Call us at (847) 480-7667 and we can walk you through the quietest hand dryers available to help you find the perfect balance between noise levels and speed.

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