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Global Partitions

Prestige Distribution, Inc. furnishes and installs Solid Plastic HDPE Toilet Partitions manufactured by Global Partitions. The ideal choice for busy public facilities and high-humidity applications, Global Partitions' Solid Plastic HDPE (high density polyethylene) toilet partitions are waterproof and unaffected by moisture or corrosive materials. The material of choice for easy maintenance, solid plastic partitions are highly resistant to common cleaning agents as well as mildew, odors, and graffiti. They will not easily dent, rust, or delaminate. Optional textured surfaces greatly reduce the effects of vandalism, and its homogenous color and compound throughout allows for scratches to be repaired. Additionally, these solid plastic partitions are environmentally friendly and can help you obtain LEED credits for your project. Its five most popular colors (Tan, Moss, Grey, Charcoal, and Black) are available in 100% post-consumer recycled material.  Global Partitions offers a 15-year limited warranty on their Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions.



Global Partitions Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions are available in four mounting styles:


                                                           Floor Anchored                                        Floor and Ceiling Mounted

                                                             Floor Anchored                                    Floor and Ceiling Mounted


Global Partitions Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions come in 18 stylish colors, patterns, and textures.



You may also choose one of three optional textures, with color availability as specified:



Global Partitions offers coordinating urinal screens in three mounting configurations:




Prestige Distribution, Inc. proudly furnishes and installs Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions

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