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Solid Plastic

Prestige Distribution, Inc. furnishes and installs solid plastic polymer (also known as HDPE, or high density polyethylene) toilet compartments, an ideal material choice for high traffic areas in which low maintenance and durability are imperative. Solid plastic toilet partitions are graffiti resistant and will not dent, crack, chip, flake, or delaminate. Minor scratches can be successfully repaired due to a solid color throughout the material, and the partitions never need repainting. HDPE solid plastic toilet compartments are water resistant and unaffected by high humidity, making the material microbial resistant and therefore a sanitary choice. Commercial cleaning agents can be used on solid plastic toilet compartments without fear of corrosion or damage. Environmentally safe, sanitary, and durable, solid plastic toilet compartments are the material of choice for professional looking yet low maintenance toilet partitions.