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Prestige Distribution, Inc. furnishes and installs Eco-Screen Toilet Partitions made with PaperStone. Using industry leading designs and products, Eco-Screen Toilet Partitions are made with PaperStone as its core material, making Eco-Screen Toilet Partitions unmatched in durability and resistance to vandalism, graffiti, and water damage. The greenest architectural surface on the market today, PaperStone's beauty, functionality, and reliability offers an exciting alternative to more traditional solid surfaces. Long known to have superior tensile, compression, impact and flexural strengths, PaperStone is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Saturated with PaperStone's own PetroFree phenolic resins and then fused together under heat and pressure, this process produces a dense, homogenous, and essentially non-porous composite material which provides a lifetime of stain and abrasion resistance, absorbs virtually no water, and does not delaminate. Organic pigments assure superior UV resistance, color stability, and an even color distribution throughout the entire panel, allowing surface cuts or marks to be easily be sanded or rubbed out. PaperStone is certified to FSC standards by the Smartwood program of the Rainforest Alliance. The usage of Eco-Screen Toilet Partitions may contribute to LEED credits towards certification. Eco-Screen Toilet Partitions come with an optional 10-Year Limited Manufactured Panel Warranty.

Eco-Screen Toilet Partition Systems





Eco-Screen Toilet Partition Mounting Options

Eco-Screen Toilet Partitions are available in a palette of warm, natural earthtones:



PaperStone offers coordinating urinal screens in an 18" x 42" wall hung mounting:

Prestige Distribution, Inc. proudly furnishes and installs Eco-Screen Toilet Partitions

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