Excel Xlerator XL-BL ECO Hand Dryer - NO HEAT


SKU: XL-BL-ECO-1 Excel

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The XLERATOR XL-BL ECO is the new standard for high-speed, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly no heat dryer.The Excel XL-BL-ECO Xlerator Hand Dryer is the ideal solution for organizations looking for affordable, effective hand-drying for clients, customers, and employees. In addition, with it's die-cast zinc alloy / matte black exterior, the Excel XL-BL-ECO hand dryer offers the durability and attractive looks to match any restroom. Our ECO hand dryers are identical to the original XLERATOR with the exception of a no heating element. In our ECO dryers, there is some warming in the air due to compression and friction, but overall the air is much cooler than the original XLERATOR hand dryers. Also, the lower amperage of the ECO hand dryers allows for two units to be on the same 20 AMP breaker. This lower amperage is the ECO hand dryers main advantage over the original XLERATOR hand dryers which require each dryer to be on it's own dedicated 20 AMP circuit.


  • Super-fast drying times of 10 to 15 seconds
  • No Heat Dryer
  • Adjustable Speed and Sound Controller
  • Electrical usage and Amps required are now in the control of the owner
  • Backed by a Full 5 Year Parts Warranty against Manufacturer Defects
  • Sensor-equipped with externally visible Red LED light that can flash error codes to assist in troubleshooting
  • Washable metal mesh Pre-Filter with smart sensor (Red LED light activates should the filter become clogged)
  • Underwriters Laboratory, Inc.(UL)Listed. (In both the United States and Canada)
  • Available in both a low-voltage version (110V/120V) or high-voltage version (208V to 277V)

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