Xlerator XL-BL Black Hand Dryer


The Xlerator XL-BL hand dryer has a Black epoxy painted metal cover and is flush mounted to the wall. The Raven Black Xlerator XL-BL is one of the XL-SP Special Painted hand dryers from Excel Dryer. This newly enhanced high-speed Xlerator Excel dryer features adjustable sound and speed controls in addition to multiple heating levels - high, medium, low and off - making it a top choice for facilities seeking units that allow for modification to meet explicit environmental requirements. As with all Xlerator Excel dryer models, a 1.1 Noise Reduction Nozzle comes standard with the Xlerator XL-BL, and effectively decreases the noise level made by the dryer while still ensuring a fast and effective hand drying experience. Also included with the Xlerator XL-BL are a washable mesh metal air filter and a highly visible red LED light that indicates any need for maintenance or attention to the motor and heater. These features help to ensure overall ease of operation and hassle-free maintenance.

One of the most desirable features of this updated Xlerator Excel dryer model is its availability in multiple voltages. Offered in 110-120v and 208-277v units for use in the US and a 230v 50 Hz model for export, this special model Xlerator is a first-rate hand dryer selection for restroom facilities around the world. With a 5 year limited warranty, the XL-BL/XL-SP is GreenSpec® Listed and gives your facility the chance to earn LEED credits. With an incredibly fast dry time of just 10 seconds, the newly updated Xlerator XL-BL still uses 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers and costs significantly less than using paper towels. Additional Xlerator Excel dryer features include a HEPA filtration system and anti-microbial wall guards are available for purchase on our website for further customization toward your particular facility’s needs. Including the XL-BL black Xlerator hand dryer will take your restroom to the next level of proven performance!

Available Xlerator XL-BL/XL-SP Voltage Options:

  • XL-BL - 110-120V
  • XL-BLV - 208-277V (automatically adjusts to cover 208V, 220-240V, and 277V)

Features of the new XL-BL Xlerator Black Hand Dryer

  • Two Multi-Voltage Options - 110 to 120 Volts or 208 to 277 Volts
  • Fast - High speed to dry hands in 8 to 15 seconds
  • Adjustable Motor Settings - Control the Speed and Sound
  • Energy Efficient - The XL-BL uses 80% less energy than traditional hand dryers
  • Adjustable Heat Settings - High, Medium, Low and Off
  • Green Credits - XL-BL is GreenSpec Listed and helps to qualify for LEED Credits
  • Service LED - Externally visible to let you know of a maintenance issue
  • Hygienic - Activated with the automatic infrared sensor, so no need to touch the unit
  • Eco-Friendly - Xlerator Excel Hand Dryer has a 95% cost savings versus paper towels

Technical Data Sheet