World Dryer VerdeDri Q-162A Hand Dryer

World Dryer

The World Dryer Q-Series VERDEdri hand dryer is WORLD DRYERS newest model with all of the most sought-after features. At only 3.9” thick, this compact and stylish design can be surface-mounted and still meet ADA compliance for 4” protrusion into a primary walk-way or traffic corridor. With no need to recess this unit or buy a separate recess kit, installation is much less expensive and much less difficult. Another unique feature of the Model Q is the hidden switch that allows the owner the option of two motor speeds. With this one variable, the owner can customize dry time, sound level, & energy consumption to fit any specific application. The VERDEdri comes equipped with replaceable HEPA filter, removing 99.97% of air contaminants of 0.3 microns or larger. The air returned to the room is actually cleaner than the air taken in. Durable and vandal-resistant, the Q-Series has a die-cast aluminum, chrome-plated back/wall mounting plate. Specific to the Model Q-162A VERDEdri, the cover is made American Specialties of die-cast aluminum finished with high-gloss black epoxy paint that has a patented anti-microbial, anti-bacterial additive called SteriTouch blended into the paint. This additive helps reduce the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria, mold, and fungi. Two tamper-proof screws securely attach the cover to the wall mounting plate. The universal voltage, brush-type motor operates just as efficiently when connected to 110V/120V, 208V, or 220V/240V. 

Electrical Specification: 

  • Universal Voltage
  • 110-120Volts / 208Volts / 220-240Volts
  • 8.3Amps / 4.1Amps / 4.1Amps
  • 950Watts / 950 Watts / 950 Watts
  • 50Hz / 60Hz (respectively)
  • Requires a dedicated 15Amp circuit



  • 13.3" High x 11.6" Wide x 3.9" Deep; Weight: 9.8 lbs

Technical Data Sheet