World Dryer NOVA 4 Automatic Hand Dryer

World Dryer

The automatic World Nova 4 is durable hand dryers with a white cast iron cover. The Nova 4 hand dryer has a long lasting brushless motor, alleviating the need to replace brushes which tend to wear out over time. Manufactured by World Dryer, the surface mounted Nova 4 hand dryer is quiet and has a compact design, perfect for restrooms with low traffic. This automatic World Dryer Nova series hand dryer is the best choice when comparing electric hand dryers vs paper towels.



  • Quiet induction motor
  • Motor is brushless, so no need for brush replacement
  • Durable and vandal resistant.
  • Nova 4 available in surface and recessed mounted
  • Swivel nozzle to dry hands and face
  • Nozzle shipped in the swivel position and can be locked to fixed position in the field
  • Infrared sensor activation available
  • Sound level of 74dB 

Technical Data Sheet