World Dryer Model XA Surface Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer

World Dryer

The Model XA hand dryer offers exceptional durability and vandalism resistance in convenient, cost-effective, and an easy-to-use surface mounted design.

Engineered and manufactured to withstand high traffic, rigorous use, and even abuse, the Model XA hand dryers undergo rigorous testing to ensure long-term, problem-free operation.

Because of their durability and vandal resistance, the Model XA hand dryer is ideal for high-traffic locations and other environments where abuse is likely, including Fast Food Restaurants, Train Stations, bus stations, schools, theaters, airports, shopping centers, sports and concert arenas, and prisons.


  • Automatic start
  • Surface-mounted
  • Cast iron cover – ¼” thick with porcelain enamel is ideal for vandal resistance
  • Steel cover – available in white, plus polished or brushed grade 304 stainless steel offers functionality and elegance
  • WorldStone cover – Combines lightweight construction, corrosion resistance, ability to withstand heat, and antimicrobial agents that promote hygiene
  • 154 cubic feet per minute of air volume
  • Universal nozzle can be easily converted to swivel
  • Improved sound-deadening properties (sound level of 75dB)

Technical Data Sheet