World Dryer Model RA Recessed Hand Dryer - Push Button


World Dryer

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World Model RA hand dryer is an ADA compliant hand dryer with longest motor life and the best washroom solution for high traffic facilities.

Exceptionally tough and durable, the Model RA hand dryer is ideally suited for high-use environments and locations with the potential for vandalism and abuse, including Fast Food Restaurants, Train Stations, bus stations, schools, theaters, airports, shopping centers, sports and concert arenas, and prisons.



  • ADA compliant
  • 30 second drying time
  • Longest life of all dryers
  • Lowest sound level
  • Durable and vandal resistant
  • Classic style design
  • Activated by electro-mechanical timer with 25 Amp switch
  • 30 second drying cycle
  • Incorporates a 2100 (optional 1500) watt Nichrome wire heating element protected by an automatic-resetting, thermal cutoff
  • Provides a 70°F temperature rise
  • IPX1 ingress protection

 Technical Data Sheet