World Dryer AirMax RM Recessed Hand Dryer - Push Button

World Dryer

The World Dryer AirMax RM hand dryer has a white cast iron cover, is operated with a push button and is recess mounted into the wall with a wall box, which is included with the hand dryer. The Airmax series is made by World Dryer and is both a heavy duty and a high speed hand dryer. They will dry hands in 15 seconds, while providing for excellent durability in most any environment. Robust in design and ADA compliant, it is are perfect for high volume traffic restrooms where vandalism is a concern like schools, gas stations, and public use centers. These recessed bathroom dryers have a lower noise level and use only 50% of the energy compared to other traditional hand dryers, proving a huge savings when compared to paper towels. The Airmax is the industry trailblazer for resilient high speed restroom hand dryers.



  • 15 second dry time: twice as fast as other hand dryers
  • Uses 1/2 the energy per dry of standard dryers
  • Lowest noise level among other high speed hand dryers
  • Available in a variety of cover options, push button or automatic, surface mounted or ADA compliant recessed
  • All nozzles are in the fixed position
  • Sound level of 83.3dB

Technical Data Sheet