World Dryer Airforce Series Hand Dryers


World Dryer

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The World Dryer AirForce Series is an environmentally friendly, ambient temperature hand dryer.  (There is no heating element but some heat is created from the motor, making it cooler than other hand dryers but still comfortable.)  Airforce uses patented SteriTouch antimicrobial technology, reducing the build-up and spread of germs, mold and bacteria.  It has a modern, sleek design that complements any bathroom decor. 


  • High Speed Dryer - 12 second dry time
  • Low Energy - 1100 watts, combined with the fast dry time makes it one of the most energy efficient dryers available today
  • Automatic sensor activation
  • Greenspec listed (all hand dryers help the environment, but this one is so efficient!)
  • Steritouch (TM) anti-microbial - not only in the white and black covers, but also embedded in the internal components.  We don't think that other dryers that make the claim to be "the most hygienic dryer" are actually as clean as this one
  • Sleek modern design that is easy to clean with no crevices to hold in dirt
  • The World Dryer AirForce has 11 air outlets, which cover more of the hand than the single blast of air produced by other dryers such as the Xlerator.   Many people like the blast effect, others prefer the more gentle feeling of the AirForce
  • Sound level: at 85.1 dB with hands present, the Airforce is not as loud as some other high-speed dryers.  But if noise is a major concern, you may want a more traditional option like the World Dryer Model A Hand Dryer which runs at 75 dBs and is a very good dryer
  • IP24 protection against harmful water ingress

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