Bobrick Welded-Angle-Framed Mirror w/ Tempered-Glass - B2908


The Bobrick B-2908 welded frame mirror with a one-piece, roll-formed 3⁄4" x 3⁄4" angle-frame. The frame is Type 304 stainless steel with satin finish and the corners heliarc welded, ground and polished smooth. Features a beveled frame edge for improved appearance. The mirror is 1⁄4" (6mm) tempered glass with a galvanized steel back. This mirror is secured to concealed wall hanger with theft-resistant mounting. 

Tempered glass mirrors resist breakage and provide a measure of safety from broken glass, but differ in color and reflective quality from standard glass mirrors. Bobrick uses the highest quality tempered glass mirrors. Modest distortion or heat-generated markings are normal in the tempered glass mirror manufacturing process. Therefore, Bobrick will not accept returns of tempered glass mirrors with random distortion or markings.

Technical Data Sheet