Saniflow M12 Dualflow Plus High Speed Hand Dryer


Saniflow Model M12 Dualflow Plus High-Speed Hand Dryer is an automatic "hands in" dryer made of high impact ABS plastic. Dries hands quickly in 10-15 seconds with minimal energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Lowest noise level in its category - as quiet as 65 decibels. Includes a removable Surface Aide XL treated antimicrobial air filter and BioCote antimicrobial surface protection integrated into the U-shape part of the unit where hands are placed. Adjustable motor speed and the option to turn on or off the heating element. Water from hands is collected in the unit's drain tank. Features a useful diagnostic LED display system integrated on the top of the dryer: the green light shows that the dryer has power, the blue light indicates that the water tank is full and requires servicing, and the red light indicates that there is a malfunction on the product. Ideal for high traffic facilities. GreenSpec listed and ADA compliant. 120 Volts. 


  • Ultra stylish design
  • Features 2 IR sensors for automatic detection
  • Innovative jet stream design is more powerful with quicker drying times
  • Completely dries hands in 10–15 seconds
  • Heads up LED
  • Heating element can be switched on and off with the flick of a button
  • Fully adjustable motor
  • Removable filter with antibacterial treatment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Available in white or satin
  • Extremely low noise level 65 dB 
  • 30 second safety timer
  • Ideal for public restrooms are high-traffic areas
  • Uses 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers
  • Green spec approved

Technical Data Sheet