JL Industries FE10C Cosmic Fire Extinguisher Multi Purpose Dry Chemical 10 lbs.


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Bring in the cosmic fire extinguisher, which is a perfect fire safety precaution as it is capable of dousing fires of all grades. It is equipped with specially fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate powder. The chemical acts as a multipurpose extinguisher agent. Furthermore, these chemicals are non-toxic and suitable for use in small fires in a general workplace like schools and offices or even churches. Get one for the office premises.


  • Molded valve stem seal replaceable
  • Class A,B,C fires.
  • Heavy-duty steel cylinder with rugged metal valve
  • Visible pressure gauge
  • Corrosion and impact-resistant finish
  • Siphon tube
  • Available in 10 lbs.


Brand JL Industries
Product Type Fire Extinguisher
Capacity 10 lbs.
Color Red
Manufacturer Part Number FE10C
Collection Cosmic
Valve Material Aluminum
Cylinder Material Chrome
Extinguisher Class A, B, C
Extinguisher Type Dry Chemical
Pressure Type Visual Pressure Gauge
Temperature Range -65 deg. F - 120 deg. F
Cylinder Diameter 5.12"
Width 7.75"
Height 21"
Warranty 6 Years
Certification and Listings USCG, UL (4A-80B:C), CAN/ULC-S504, ANSI/UL299, CAN/ULC S508, ANSI/UL711

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