Excel 76W Hand Dryer - Push Button


With a rotating air nozzle that lets all users enjoy the benefits of warm-air hand drying, the Excel 76W Hand Dryer is an excellent choice for organizations that want to kick the paper towel habit and promote good hygiene in their public restrooms.


  • Powerful, whisper-quiet brushless motors that offer many years of trouble-free service
  • Tough metal exteriors available in either chrome plating or white epoxy finishes
  • A variety of custom colors available upon request
  • Rotating nozzle that can also be put into a fixed position
  • The simplicity and reliability of push-button operation
  • A choice of voltage settings to match any building's wiring


  • 8" High x 10-3/4" Wide x 7" Deep (10-1/8” with Nozzle); Weight: 18lbs

Technical Data Sheet