Bradley Aerix 2923-2874 High Speed Hand Dryer


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Surface-mounted hand dryer shall have an aluminum cover with a satin finish (2829-2874). Hand dryer shall include a cast aluminum base and universal brush type motor (31,000 RPM). Dryer shall operate at 65 - 87 dB while delivering 64 CFM air flow velocity at 225 MPH (19,800LFM). Dryer shall provide an exit ambient air temperature of 130°F at an ambient air temperature of 70°F. Dryer shall have global universal voltage, accepting 110-120/208/220-240 VAC input. Dryer shall have a total power of 950 watts with a consumption of 8.3 amps (120 V) and 2.0 to 5.6 amps (220 V).


    • Cover: fixed to the base plate with vandal-proof lock screws and lock with special key wrench
    • Motor: High-pressure universal brush (31,000 RPM). Motor shall have
    • replaceable brushes for extending the service life
    • Heating Element: Dryer will incorporate a nichrome wire heating element protected by an automatic resetting thermal cutoff
    • Adjustable Sensor Operation: Dryer shall be activated by an automatic infrared sensor with a 30-second vandal shut-off. Control board shall contain an HI/LOW speed control switch. Dryer shall provide an exit air temperature of 130°F at an ambient temperature of 70°F
    • Base Plate: The Wall Mounting plate shall be constructed of die-cast aluminum finished with chrome plating

    Technical Data Sheet