Bobrick B-700 Aircraft Surface Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer


Discontinued Product. No longer available for purchase.

Bobrick B-700 Aircraft Surface Mounted Hand Dryer is made of a one-piece cast iron cover with a white vitreous enamel finish. Nozzle is adjustable for hand and face drying and automatically returns to hand drying position. Electronic sensor automatically turns dryer on when hands or self-returning nozzle are held under the air-outlet opening and will shut off automatically when hands are removed or self-returning nozzle is released. Sensor automatically shuts off after 90 seconds if an inanimate object is used to activate dryer and resets itself after inanimate object is removed. Automatic thermal overload switch. 


  • Heating element located on inlet side of fan, shall heat air without hot spots, be inaccessible to vandals, and protected by an automatic thermal overload switch
  • Electronic sensor 
  • Sensor automatically shut dryer off approximately 1-1/2 minutes after dryer turns on if inanimate object is placed across air-outlet opening
  • After inanimate object is removed, electronic sensor shall automatically reset itself and dryer shall operate normally.

Technical Data Sheet