Saris Bike Fixation 26557 Ugly Hex Key Assembly for Deluxe Public Work Stand


SKU: 26557 Bike Fixation



Call it a hex key or an Allen wrench; it is one important tool for everyday bike repair tasks. The Bike Fixation hex key assembly is what makes your public repair tool box more useful for the visitors to your public bike repair facility. It makes turning, loosening and tightening in-hex recessed fasteners effortless and less time consuming. Manufactured for high durability and resistance to corrosion!


  • Buy as new or a replacement for Bike Fixation repair tool box
  • Precisely fits fasteners for easy turning
  • High-strength material that lasts long
  • Powerful grip to avoid fatigue and injuries
  • Resists bacterial growth and dirt accumulation


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Ugly Hex Key
Manufacturer Part Number 26557