Saris Bike Fixation 26150 Hex Set Assembly for Public Tool Box


SKU: 26150 Bike Fixation

DISCONTINUED-please see other Saris products

Opt for authentic replacement parts for your public bike repair station tool box. This Bike Fixation hex set assembly replaces the old and worn-out tool so that your facility uninterruptedly offers convenient bike repair. It works with fasteners featuring in-hex (hexagonal) recess that needs to be loosened and tightened during a variety of bike repair tasks. Offers convenient grip, long life and hassle-free repair!


  • Replacement hex set tool for Bike Fixation public tool box
  • Allows firm grip to reduce repair time and efforts
  • Made from durable anti-corrosion material
  • Standard length and thickness
  • Perfect for busy work stands and repair stations


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Hex Set Assembly
Manufacturer Part Number 26150