Saris Bike Fixation 26372 Grease Tube for Piston Rod - 1 oz.


SKU: 26372 Saris


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An important practice post bike-cleaning is greasing to ensure a smooth biking experience. This Bike Fixation bike grease tube for piston rod is designed to provide the required lubrication so that the bikes don’t face any friction even when navigating through rough bike trails. It is quality-tested lubricating grease which is safe for the bike as well as the bikers to use.


  • Lubricating grease tube for piston rods
  • Ideal for Bike Fixation bike repair and cleaning stations
  • Adequate quantity to last for days at busy facilities
  • Contains ingredients that are environment-friendly
  • Use after bike cleaning or decontamination
  • Compatible with different bike designs


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Grease Tube
Manufacturer Part Number 26372
Volume 1 oz.