Saris Bike Fixation 25719 Long Hose Clip for Pump w/ Gauge


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When it comes to bike air pumps, the pump hose is one component which is most vulnerable to damage. But not anymore! This Bike Fixation hose clip can easily enhance the security of an air pump at a public bike facility. It easily mounts or secures the pump hose when not in use and can be disengages effortlessly when the hose is required.


  • Long hose clip ideal for Bike Fixation air pumps with gauge
  • Made of top-quality anti-corrosion and break-proof material
  • Available as a new or replacement component
  • Keeps hose pipe attaches to the desired point
  • Useful for bike repair facilities with high footfall


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Long Hose Clip
Manufacturer Part Number 25719