Saris Bike Fixation 25714 Hose Coupler High Security Aluminum


SKU: 25714 Saris

Feel the premium and a class apart make with this Bike Fixation Hose Coupler that comes with the secure and classy build quality. Unlike traditional hose couplers out in the market, this possesses remarkable material strength complemented by the exceptionally crafted mechanism that offers great handling. Apart from a smooth and simple operation, this also provides extraordinary reliability with its enhanced, and bespoke aluminum makes that adds to its hefty make.


  • Sensational design
  • A well-built mechanism that offers great security and durability
  • Marvelous build quality that is a class apart from typical hose couplers in the market
  • Contingent aluminum make that provides added reliability


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Hose Coupler
Manufacturer Part Number 25714
Material Aluminum