Saris Bike Fixation 25679 Deluxe Public Work Stand Custom Vinyl


SKU: 25679 Saris



All-in-one tool kit for parking and repair stand right where you want. This Bike Fixation tool brings up a Deluxe repair stand right where the bikers need them - by the streets, in the woods, and even in the rooms. It gives cyclists the freedom to carry on with a hassle-free ride. The tool is easy to use and a durable one for cyclists.


  • Tools firmly joined with foldable stainless-steel cables
  • Designed to couple with manual Pumps and Bike wheel
  • Extra space for personal branding or signage
  • In-built hose to give a surface free range of motion
  • Promises scratch-free front plate usage from pedal strikes.


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Custom Vinyl
Manufacturer Part Number 25679