Saris Bike Fixation 6266 Spike Anchor Kit - 4 Piece


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The Spike Anchor Kit includes four 4” anchors for use in concrete. The carbon steel construction makes it vibration resistant and ideal for mounting into existing concrete. The spike anchor features an ‘S’ shaped alignment at the working end of the anchor that helps to create an expansion mechanism. Also, there is no secondary tightening operation that brings down the overall cost of anchor installation.


  • Mushroom head style
  • Vibration-resistant and tamperproof
  • Galvanization offer corrosion protection
  • Pre-expanded design facilitates easier and better installation
  • Can also be used for temporary installations
  • Can be used to mount city rack, bike dock, flange mount, and hoop sign


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Anchor Kit
Manufacturer Part Number 6266
Material Carbon Steel
Surface Type Concrete
Mount Type Permanent
Number of Anchors 4
Length 0.37"
Height 4"