Saris Bike Fixation 6263 Anchor Lag Bolt & Shield - 8 Piece


SKU: 6263 Saris



The Bike Fixation anchor lag bolt and shield kit allows quick and sturdy bike rack installation. Whether you have an outdoor bike rack or an indoor vertical bike rack, the kit is what you need to ensure a secure and long-lasting bike parking arrangement. Fabricated from a high-strength material, the lag bolts and shields resist corrosion and are ideal for fixing bike racks on concrete surfaces.


  • The kit contains 8 lag bolt and shield pairs
  • Perfect for Bike Fixation indoor and outdoor bike racks
  • Use for installing heavy wave racks, vertical racks and bike tracks
  • Supports temporary installation and can be removed easily


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Anchor Kit
Manufacturer Part Number 6263
Surface Type Concrete
Mount Type Temporary
Number of Anchors 8
Length 0.31"
Height 2"