Saris Bike Fixation 6260 Wave Rack Spike Anchor Kit - 8 Piece


SKU: 6260 Saris



Keep your outdoor bike-parking rack in place, safe and vandal-proof with this Bike Fixation anchor kit. The mushroom-head design of these anchors adds extra stability and ground-grip to the racks and makes them immovable and shake-proof. All-weather friendly and easy to install, the anchors are ideal to fix various popular Bike Fixation bike rack models like wave rock and bike dock.


  • Anchor kit with 8 mushroom-head spikes
  • Made of top-grade and durable carbon steel
  • Coated with zinc for increased resistance to corrosion
  • Ideal for permanent mounting
  • Good to install on concrete surfaces
  • Can hold heavy-weight racks for high-security bike storage


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Anchor Kit
Manufacturer Part Number 6260
Material Carbon Steel
Surface Type Concrete
Mount Type Permanent
Number of Anchors 8
Length 0.37"
Height 3"