Saris Bike Fixation 26960 Hoop Sign Custom Vinyl


SKU: 26960 Saris




Grab public attention for your bike repair store with this horseshoe hoop sign. A simple yet efficient design gives enough space for your custom logo or a road map to your bike patch up store. It is easy to mount on the surface using fastener screws. This Bike Fixation signage tool got crafted in the USA for its popular user base.


  • Built-in with a schedule 40 pipe that is 2.375" in size
  • Gives ample area to hold the custom signage
  • Comes with quick and easy surface installation to mount it on the surface
  • Ideal for a 360-degree view
  • Requires low maintenance


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Hoop Sign
Manufacturer Part Number 26960
Mount Type Surface