Saris Bike Fixation 26345 Flat Blade Screwdriver Tool Assembly for Deluxe Public Work Stand


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A versatile tool that never fails! The Bike Fixation flatblade screwdriver tool assembly gives bikers the required speed, comfort and precision while fixing bike parts secured with screws. It is designed and tested for low-breakage risks and functions as a handy tool for the new bikers as well as the experienced ones. The tool helps to make your public-use work station an all-purpose bike repair destination.


  • Good to install at a Bike Fixation deluxe public work station
  • High-grade blade with corrosion-resistant design
  • Easy-grip handle which resists slippage
  • Great torque to drive screws in and out
  • Fast spin without any discomfort to the hand


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Flatblade Screwdriver Tool Assembly 
Manufacturer Part Number 26345