Saris Bike Fixation 26299 Wrench Tool Assembly for Public Work Stand


SKU: 26299 Saris




The Bike Fixation wrench tool assembly is a useful addition to any public bike repair station or stand. Consisting of adjustable wrench and cone wrench, the assembly allows quick bike repairs and easy fixing on the routine basis. Designed using high-strength alloy steel, the tools in this kit resist corrosion and don’t bow down to heavy repeated use.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Ideal thickness for convenient grip
  • Adds value to Bike Fixation’s popular public-use work/repair stations
  • Secured with braided stainless steel cables
  • Designed to reach even the confined bike areas
  • Heat-treated wrenches for long term use
  • Suitable for all types of riders


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Wrench Tool
Manufacturer Part Number 26299