Bike Fixation 26298 Screwdriver Tool Assembly for Public Work Stand


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Dealing with small and messy bike screws is no more difficult. The Bike Fixation screwdriver tool assembly would makes your public-use bike repair station visitors happy for the kind of precision they offer. The assembly features two screwdriver tools with ideal blade sizes and tip widths to fit different screw sizes. Allow your bikers to fix petty bike issues quickly and resume their biking fun instantly.


  • Includes Phillips blade and flat blade
  • High-strength corrosion-resistant steel design
  • Designed to allow greater pull with tight grip
  • Screwdrivers loosen and tighten screws with great ease
  • Ideal for Bike Fixation public bike repair stands and stations


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Screwdriver Tool
Manufacturer Part Number 26298