Saris Bike Fixation 26208 Frame Brush Assembly for Wash Station


SKU: 26208 Saris




Keep up the promise to offer complete bike care at your public wash station. The Bike Fixation frame brush assembly is designed to keep the bike frames new and spotless. The frame brush is designed to clean dirt and stains gently without much force required. Its premium-quality bristles last longer and perform the required scrubbing to make bike frames glitter like the new ones.


  • Replacement bike frame brush for Bike Fixation public wash station
  • Soft bristles that keep the bike paint intact while cleaning
  • Easy-grip handle that ensures better control and hassle-free movement
  • Good to use with the top bike soaps
  • Securely attaches with the station using braided stainless steel cable


Brand Bike Fixation
Product Type Frame Brush
Manufacturer Part Number 26208