ASI 0184 Surface Mounted Sensor Hand Dryer

American Specialties


277V 50/60Hz 7.9 Amps


Surface Mounted Hand Dryer operates automatically from IR sensor that shall activate dryer when hands are placed in sensor zone. Motor and heating element shall have internal resetting automatic thermal protection. Cover shall be fabricated of one-piece, 16 gauge (.063", 1.6) thick drawn steel and shall have all exposed surfaces finished with acid, chip and scratch resistant porcelain enamel or shall be 16 gauge stainless steel with bright or satin finish per option selected. Fixed directional air vanes shall be heavy duty, rust proof and tamper resistant. Air intake slots shall not allow access to internal parts. Back plate shall be furnished with vibration isolating mounting bushings. Circuitry shall have self-adjusting time-out and fail-safe off protection controlled by a microprocessor that shall detect and reject false signals and shall automatically self calibrate to provide uniform sensitivity over its entire life span. Entire unit shall be internally electrically grounded. Dryer unit shall have approval and be listed under the re-examination services of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Unit shall be warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for Ten (10) years.


Unit is surface mounted on wall with four (4) 1/4" screws, washers and bushings (supplied) through rubber grommets (supplied) in a corrosion protected formed heavy steel back plate. For masonry walls use expansion bolts or anchors for 1/4" (6) screws. Electrical service is supplied and connected (by others) prior to installing cover. Cover is secured to back plate with two (2) hex socket security screws (supplied). For compliance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines, unit should be installed so that bottom edge of dryer is 48" (1219) maximum above finished floor (AFF). For general utility install unit so that bottom edge of dryer is 45" to 50" (1143 to 1270) AFF. For two or more dryers, dryers should be no closer than 24" (610) on center.


Dryer is activated by user placing hands under sensor. Dryer automatically shuts off after time-out when user removes hands from sensor zone.

Technical Data Sheet