The Xlerator XL-W comes with a die-cast zinc exterior finished in white epoxy finish for a truly attractive product that offers a host of practical benefits.

If you've never used modern hand dryers like the Xlerator XL-W, you'll be amazed how quickly these products do the job. Built-in heating elements combined with Excel’s high-speed motors generate abundant amounts of delightfully warm air that evaporate moisture from the user's hands in mere seconds.

The Xlerator XL-W meets or exceeds federal standards for a product of its type. You'll never have to worry about electric shocks or short-circuits when it's installed properly. Any qualified electrician can install the product in a reasonable amount of time.



  • Super-fast drying times of 8 to 12 seconds
  • Adjustable Speed and Sound Controller
  • Adjustable (LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH/OFF) Heating Element
  • Electrical usage and Amps required are now in the control of the owner
  • Sensor-equipped with externally visible Red LED light that can flash error codes to assist in troubleshooting
  • Washable metal mesh Pre-Filter with smart sensor (Red LED light activates should the filter become clogged)
  • Underwriters Laboratory, Inc.(UL)Listed. (In both the United States and Canada)
  • Available in both a low-voltage version (110V/120V) or high-voltage version (208V to 277V)

Technical Data Sheet